Mark Pryor

Mark Pryor is the author of the Henri Lefort series set in Paris in the 1940s. The first, DIE AROUND SUNDOWN, was published in August 2022 and the second, THE DARK EDGE OF NIGHT, was published in August 2023. A third installment in the series, A BLOOD RED MORNING, is forthcoming from St. Martin's in 2024. Mark is also the author of the Hugo Marston series, set in Paris, London, and Barcelona. And he has two books set in Austin, HOLLOW MAN and DOMINIC. Away from books, Mark is a retired prosecutor, and now a partner at a criminal defense firm in Austin, Texas. He began his career as a journalist in England, where his beat was also crime-related: the police blotter. He is a guest analyst on CourtTV and he has appeared on CBS News's 48 Hours, NBC's Dateline, and Discovery Channel's Discovery ID: Cold Blood.

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