By: James Lilliefors

In the South of France, a high-level terrorist is found slain, and a former American intelligence agent is suspected. In West Africa, an undercover dissident journalist learns of an investment consortium planning to funnel billions of dollars into the continent but is murdered before he can publicize his findings. In Switzerland, a former bio-weapons researcher tracks down the only person in the world with whom she can share her terrifying suspicions, even though contacting him might jeopardize both their lives.  And, in Washington DC, a two-word message left in a safe deposit box may be the thread that connects these seemingly unrelated incidents—if Charles Mallory can decipher it before time runs out.  Mallory, a private intelligence contractor and former CIA operative, uncovers traces of a secret war with a bold but veiled objective:  to create a new, technologically advanced society in an unlikely region of Africa, a model civilization free of the seemingly insoluble problems plaguing many Third World nations.  A fast-paced and engrossing political thriller, Viral is also a novel of ideas that blends fact with fiction and explores the role of moral consequences in an increasingly complicated world.

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