Prayer Warriors: The True Story of a Gay Son, His Fundamentalist Christian Family, and Their Battle for his Soul

By: Stuart Howell Miller

When Stuart Miller came out to his family in 1992, he knew their reaction would be extreme because his father, a born-again Christian and founder of the ultraconservative Believer’s Chapel, deemed homosexuality a “sin unto death.” But Miller was not prepared for the swift and terrifying maelstrom unleashed by his family against him. A brigade of “prayer warriors” organized by his father began bombarding him with wave after wave of letters and phone calls, each conveying a similar message of hate and threats: “God can change you or kill you.” Prayer Warriors paints a frightening picture of the tactics used by the extreme religious right against even the most loving of sons, yet it also provides an inspiring message of hope and triumph, chronicling Miller’s coming to terms with his life, his family, and his God.

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