In Praise of Doubt: How to Have Convictions Without Becoming a Fanatic

By: Peter Berger & Anton Zijderveld

In Praise Of Doubt presents the fundamental moral, cultural and philosophical issues of our time from an original and interesting perspective, taking the reader on an exciting whirlwind tour of the history of modernity, religion, the rise of psychology, Marxism, the intellectual challenge of relativism, the failure of totalitarianism, fundamentalism as a modern invention, and presents the startling conclusion that truth, even religious truth, needs doubt to survive and thrive.  Berger and Zijderveld make clear how we can (and why we must) have confidence in our convictions—in such ideals as “democracy,” “human rights,” and “equality under the law”—without succumbing to the radical doubts of relativism and the certainties of fundamentalism.

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