It’s A Girl: Women Writers On Raising Daughters

By: Andrea Buchanan

It’s A Girl: Women Writers On Raising Daughters, edited by Andrea J. Buchanan, is a wide-ranging, often humorous and honest collection of essays examining the bond between mothers and daughters and the experience of raising girls. Taking on topics like “princess power,” adding a girl to a brood of boys, dealing with a daughter’s eating disorder, and raising hardcore junior feminists, this anthology explores the gap between the expectations about raising girls and the reality of the situation with wit, grace, and refreshing honesty.  Features essays by Carolyn Alessio, Barbara Card Atkinson, Jenny Block, Amy Bloom, Gayle Brandeis, Martha Brockenbrough, Andrea Buchanan, Ann Douglas, Leslie Fields, Kim Fischer, Gwendolen Gross, Jessica Berger Gross, Rachel Hall, Kelly Harrington Johnson, Suzanne Kamata, Yvonne Latty, Jennifer Lauck, Jody Mace, Jennifer Margulis, Joyce Maynard, Jacqueline Mitchard, Vicky Mlyniec, Catherine Newman, Miriam Peskowitz, Jill Siler, Gabrielle Smith-Dluha, Rebecca Steinitz, Emily Strong, Shari MacDonald Strong, and Katharine Weber.

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