It’s A Boy: Women Writers On Raising Sons

By: Andrea Buchanan

It’s a Boy: Women Writers on Raising Sons, edited by Andrea J. Buchanan, is a wide-ranging, often-humorous, and honest collection of essays about the experience of mothering boys and the mother-son relationship. Taking on topics from aggression to mothering a teenaged boy to wishing for a daughter but getting a son, the stories in It’s a Boy reflect the ways women have found the particular experience of mothering boys to be different, but no less satisfying, than mothering girls. Features essays by Stephany Aulenback, Karen Bender, Kathryn Black, Robin Bradford, Gayle Brandeis, Faulkner Fox, Katie Allison Granju, Ona Gritz, Gwendolen Gross, Melanie Lynn Hauser, Marrit Ingman, Susan Ito, Suzanne Kamata, Katie Kaput, Jennifer Lauck, Caroline Leavitt, Jody Mace, Jennifer Margulis, Jacquelyn Mitchard, Catherine Newman, Sue O’Doherty, Marjorie Osterhout, Jamie Pearson, Lisa Peet, Jodi Picoult, Maura Rhodes, Rochelle Shapiro, Kate Staples, and Marion Winik.

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