Dirt Road Revival

By: Chloe Maxmin & Canyon Woodward

Dirt Road Revival is a roadmap for politics-as-unusual written in the first-person voices of two millennials who embrace the uncertainty of politics to fight for the future in rural America. Born in the backroads of rural Maine, Dirt Road Revival recounts the successful journey of a young political team, first-time candidate Chloe Maxmin and campaign manager Canyon Woodward, and our commitment to empowering overlooked communities, the lessons that we learned under some of the toughest campaign conditions in our country, and the strategies that we invented to turn those lessons into political success. Reflecting on our campaign in the Washington Post, Katrina vanden Heuval (Editorial Director, The Nation) wrote: “Maxmin is one of many progressive candidates who prevailed in this month’s elections despite the long odds that Democrats traditionally face in their districts. Yet her victory stands out even more because of where she was able to win: in a district that contains the most rural county in America’s most rural state. And as Democrats reflect on the midterms and plan their next moves, it shows how the party can build on its momentum.”Dirt Road Revival is the distillation of all that we have learned –– a rallying cry and primer for Democrats to rediscover America’s dirt roads to save all that we love as we enter the most crucial decade of the 21st century.

In less than 150 pages, Dirt Road Revival lays out a new long-term vision for the Democratic Party to build political power in rural America by translating progressive values to a rural context, utilizing movement organizing strategies to effectively engage moderate rural voters, and pioneering innovative methods of engaging constituents while in office. Stories and strategies emerge from conversations with voters, volunteer trainings, sign-painting, letter writing, late- night trouble-shooting, turf cutting, and much more.

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