Diana Lively Is Falling Down

By: Sheila Curran

A comedy-of-manners, Diana Lively is Falling Down follows Diana, a talented British architect who now builds dollhouses, from England to the Arizona desert. Widowed at a young age, she distrusted people who were kind to her, and married Ted, the one man who wasn’t. Maybe it’s a good thing that Diana Lively’s life is suddenly out of her control.

A brash American billionaire wants to put up a King Arthur Theme Park smack in the middle of the Arizona desert. With dollar signs dancing in its head, Oxford University is only too happy to send Ted Lively, their resident Arthurian expert, to consult on the project. There, in the most unlikely place, in the most surprising ways, Diana is about to discover that the happiness she thought was lost forever can shower down on her again, can flood her dry life like a lake in the desert, and make it bloom.

“Beautifully detailed and rich in exceptional characterization,” raves Shelley Mosley of the American Library Association, “…Curran’s novel gently reminds readers that fantasy has a place in everyone’s life, and dreams can come true. Uniquely uplifting and never didactic, this is a gem.”

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