Martin Philip

“I bake because it connects my soul to my hands, and my heart to my mouth.”

Martin Philip is the Head Bread Baker at King Arthur Flour in Norwich, Vermont. He is a former member of Team USA, which competed in the SIGEP Golden Cup in Rimini, Italy, and was a finalist in the selection process for the coveted bread spot on Team USA at the World Cup of baking. He is a sought-after educator and has traveled internationally to bring baking education and his love of craft to under-served populations in rural villages in the Dominican Republic, ex-convicts at Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, California. He holds a degree from Oberlin Conservatory, and in previous lives, was an opera singer and spent time on the operations side of investment banking. His current chapter, which includes three wonderful children, a happy wife, ample time in the woods, and lots of crackling baguettes, is the best yet.

Martin’s book Breaking Bread, a meditation on the art and craft of baking bread that reaches beyond technique and inspires at-home bakers to explore the essence of baking as an act of love, featuring photographs, hand-drawn illustrations and original recipes, was published by HarperCollins in October 2017.

Martin is currently working on two forthcoming projects: The Baker Maker Roadshow, a biscuit-powered baking, bicycle, and banjo tour of the Arkansas Ozarks, and a co-written cookbook with farmer, Chuck Wooster, about the relationship between food and the land from which it is farmed.

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