Kimm Topping

Kimm Topping is a writer, queer educator, and feminist historian. Kimm has trained thousands of people to better support LGBTQ+ youth in their work as a facilitator for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Safe Schools Program for LGBTQ Students and kyriQ, which they co-founded with their partner in 2016. By sharing stories and providing folks with tools to authentically support youth, Kimm believes that we can create safer and more welcoming environments. Kimm’s publications include Identity, Relationships, and Media and Mapping Feminist Cambridge. Kimm will complete a M.Ed. at Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2020 and they look forward to continuing to advocate for LGBTQ+ youth at local and national levels. They are currently writing Generation Queer, a non-fiction book that highlights the stories of 30 LGBTQ+ youth activists. Kimm lives in Cambridge, MA with their partner and two cats. You can find Kimm online at or Instagram @kimm.topping.

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