Chloe Maxmin & Canyon Woodward

Chloe Maxmin is the Representative for the rural Maine House District 88, and was elected to the Maine State Senate in November 2020. She ran for the Maine House of Representatives in 2018 in her hometown, winning her primary with 80% of the vote and the General Election with 52.4% of the vote, making her the first Democrat to win the District 88 seat. Chloe’s expertise and focus is on building a durable, values-based movement — with a particular focus on rural regions — to combat the climate crisis.

Chloe was raised on her family’s farm in Nobleboro, Maine, and has been a community organizer for 14 years. Chloe co-founded Divest Harvard – a campaign calling on Harvard University to divest from fossil fuels that ultimately drew 70,000 supporters. In 2015, after graduation from Harvard, Chloe returned to Maine. Prior to that, Chloe founded First Here, Then Everywhere to empower youth climate activists.

Her life-long climate activism has won her broad recognition. She is the recipient of the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes and the Brower Youth Award, she was named a “Green Hero” by Rolling Stone and recognized by the Washington Post, CNN and many other news outlets for her leadership. You can follow her on Twitter at @chloemaxmin.

Canyon Woodward, a native of the Appalachian Mountain region of North Carolina, is a political campaign manager and climate activist. Canyon graduated from Harvard College in 2015. He has since worked on a number of political campaigns, while also organizing Harvard alumni to pressure the University to divest from fossil fuel companies. In 2018 Canyon was the Campaign Manager for Chloe Maxmin for Maine House, successfully flipping a rural Republican stronghold blue for the first time ever. Canyon is also an avid long distance trail runner, outdoor educator, and artist. @canyonwoodward

Chloe and Canyon’s book Dirt Road Revival, a long-term framework for rural political organizing drawing from on-the-ground experience engaging with rural moderate voters in Democratic campaigns, will publish from Beacon Press in March 2022.

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Dirt Road Revival