The Man in the Blue Suit

By: Liese O'Halloran Schwarz

The visit from the man in the blue suit broke the afternoon wide, a thunderclap on a sunny day. Crisp-edged and impossibly young, smelling of soap and promise, he cut a swath through the dozy postprandial hours of the retirement home, appearing suddenly in the doorway of the East Sunroom where I sat with my Large Print whodunit, trying not to be distracted by the volunteer maples growing up outside the window. Read more…

Palestinian-Israeli Talks: Time for a “Time Out”

By: Shai Feldman

In basketball, when a team scores a number of baskets in a row, the opposing team’s coach usually calls for a “time out.” Its purpose is not only to give new instructions to the team, but more importantly, to stop the psychological slide that may be causing the collapse of the team’s defense and the impotence of its offense.

Therefore, it was hardly surprising that, as an avid basketball player, U.S. President Barack Obama reacted last Friday to the news about the reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas by suggesting a “time out” in the currently morbid Palestinian-Israeli negotiations. Read more…

Thoughts on Earth Day

By: Judith D. Schwartz

This April 22 marks the 44th observance of a day to honor earth and renew our collective commitment to environmental preservation. The initial Earth Day in 1970, a million-people-strong blend of protest and celebration, is credited, along with Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, with jump-starting the modern environmental movement. While landmark legislation like the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts have been attributed to mobilization sparked by Earth Day, I believe it’s time to give this annual love-fest for the natural world a rethink. Read more…

From The Leviathan Effect

By: James Lilliefors

Catherine Blaine’s driver let her out in front of her two-story brick townhouse in Cleveland Park, a residential neighborhood between Wisconsin and Connecticut avenues in Northwest D.C. She lived on a quiet street of Victorian-style houses with old trees and cracked sidewalks.

Her driver waited as she unlocked the townhouse door from inside the garage. Then she waved and went inside.

Read more…

The Plant

By: Andrea Buchanan

Piano teacher with one room to rent, Steinway B to share for practicing, Sunset District. The notice couldn’t have been more perfect if I had written out my ideal scenario and tacked it to the “Housing to Share” board myself. I would be starting graduate studies in piano performance at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in a month, and I still didn’t have a place to live. I jotted down the number and called.

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