How to Build a Grassroots Power Base

By: Norman Solomon

Millions of Americans are eager, even desperate, for a political movement that truly challenges the power of Wall Street and the Pentagon. But accommodation has been habit-forming for many left-leaning organizations, which are increasingly taking their cues from the party establishment: deferring to top Democrats in Washington, staying away from robust progressive populism, and making excuses for the Democratic embrace of corporate power and perpetual war. It’s true that many left-of-center groups are becoming more sophisticated in their use of digital platforms for messaging, fundraising and other work. But it’s also true that President Obama’s transactional approach has had demoralizing effects on his base. Even the best resources—mobilized by unions, environmental groups, feminist organizations and the like—can do only so much when many voters and former volunteers are inclined to stay home. A month before the 2010 election, Obama strategist David Axelrod noted that “almost the entire Republican margin is based on the enthusiasm gap.” A similar gap made retaking the House a long shot this year. Read more…

Penguin Random House

By: Damian Horner

Analysts everywhere are talking about this merger as being inevitable and the assumption is that more will follow quickly. This belief is predicated on the fact that Amazon, Apple and Google are completely redefining the business sector now that ebooks and online retailing have taken such a firm hold. Read more…

In The Beginning

By: Laura Gross

When I started my agency I lugged manuscripts around New York City dropping off my clients’ work by hand and on foot. From my studio apartment/office I’d head to Farrar Straus at Union Square and St. Martins in the Flat Iron Building and then schlepp to the large publishing houses in midtown. Sometimes I’d grab a cab rationalizing that it cost so much less than a bike messenger would have, which was true. Read more…

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