If the Shoe Fits

By: Jodi Picoult

Full disclaimer: I am a 46-year-old, happily married, professionally successful mother of three. I have advanced degrees from Ivy League universities. I’ve met former Presidents. I vote Democratic; I believe strongly in women’s rights. And yet I am still hopelessly, totally reduced to starry-eyed dreaminess by the story of Cinderella. Read more…

Verbal Tics and Political Routines

By: Norman Solomon

A lot of what we say and do becomes habit-forming. Groundhog Day 2013 could serve as a reminder that some political habits should be kicked. Here are a few:

“Defense budget”

No, it’s not a defense budget. It’s a military budget. Read more…

Israel’s Election and the Iran Crisis

By: Shai Feldman

Israel’s January 22 elections will produce a new government. The extent to which it will differ from the outgoing government remains to be seen. But efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons might be affected. Could the composition of a new Israeli government indirectly impact the Israeli-U.S. discourse on Iran’s nuclear program?
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Losing My Religion?

By: Sheila Curran

Last week NPR was asking Catholic listeners to call in and share their thoughts about birth control. I found myself wondering whether I’d meet the test. I was certainly steeped in the culture and tradition. My great-grandmother went to Mass to pray for a husband. She met a prosperous widower who’d lost his first job for being Catholic. My grandmother was their eighteenth child. Her inheritance went to the Jesuits. I spent my childhood in parochial schools. I’m the sixth of ten, or seventh of eleven, if you count my oldest sister’s twin. (She lived three days.) My mother, a convert, followed the Church’s teaching on birth control, despite her severe morning sickness. Somehow she made it through those nine years of nausea without losing her sense of humor, or humility. She’s the archtypal Madonna figure. Self-sacrificing, self-effacing, a calm, intelligent lady. Read more…

The Next Wave of EBook Revolution

By: Damian Horner

In the old days, Christmas was a time for a huge upswing in book sales. Gifts such as celebrity memoirs, gorgeous illustrated reference books, quirky humorous one-offs, limited editions from fiction authors, and of course endless cookbooks dominated the market. So important was this period that publishers all over the world would gamble huge amounts of time and money in the hope of scoring a Christmas bestseller. Nowadays, while there is no denying that Christmas gifts are crucial to the book industry, a whole new set of dynamics has emerged that are even more important.
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