Whiskey After Rain

By: Frankie Wright

Set in 1870 at a water cure institution in upstate New York, Whiskey After Rain, is the first person account of Kit Winslowe, a nurse who survived the Civil War in Virginia but lost her Unionist family.  “Home” lost its meaning when her father was arrested, her wounded brother, and consumptive mother died.

The doctors at the water cure are in a power struggle to save the Haven.  It’s a consoling place at a pristine lake where patrons – men and women of various backgrounds , quirks, and disabilities – can improve through a regimen of water and exercise. Kit is targeted by a famous “lecturess” whose slip from sanity turns the place upside down.  And by saving the life of a stranger using her experience nursing soldiers, Kit gets into more trouble. Whiskey After Rain is a story of betrayals and of fortitude, of grief, of community and of regeneration.  Kit is capable of healing and of great goodwill towards others, but she must deal with war-torn shreds of her psyche through remembering.

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